Acid Mine Drainage: A Real Issue

Nov 18, 2017

What is Acid Mine Drainage?

Acid mine drainage, acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD), or acid rock drainage (ARD) is the outflow of acidic water from metal of coal mines.  (Source: Wikipedia, November 2017)

What causes Acid Mine Drainage?

'"Sub-surface mining often progresses below the water table, so water must be constantly pumped out of the mine in order to prevent flooding. When a mine is abandoned, the pumping ceases, and water floods the mine. This introduction of water is the initial step in most acid rock drainage situations. Tailings piles or ponds, mine waste roack dumps and coal spoils are also an important source of acid mine drainage''. (Source: Wikipedia, Novemebr 2017)

For recent examples of Acid Mine Drainage, click below:

Acid Mine Drainage

(Source: Sydney Morning Herald, September 18, 2013,